Discount Codes Information

Coupon codes applies for ALL items from our shop.

We offer two discount codes for our buyers!

  • 20% off when you spend USD 25 ... use the code: 20COLLART
  • 50% off when you spend USD 50 ... use the code: 50COLLART


1. Add items of minimum value of $25 or $50 to your cart.

2. Click on "CHECK OUT" under your total amount

3. In "Discount code" box type: 20COLLART (for value of $25 or more) orย  50COLLART (for value of $50 or more) and click Apply.

  • PLEASE NOTE that you can use only one coupon code at the time!

4. Your total amount will be decreased by 20% or 50% (depending on the amount you spent)

Thank you so much for your confidence! ๐Ÿ’—
Dzenita & Amar